Truth Rector
Love this! I dont really like the new name because it makes me think of mating, but the boba and the tea of all kinds of flavors is more natural and authentic than other boba places. Other places taste like chalk most of the time. I liked the green aprons way more than the new brown ones. Despite the new differences, i would have this boba place live in my basement to be served to me every morning, i love it that much. Best boba drink in the world so far.
Charlie M
Staff is super friendly and the boba is amazing. The boba pearls are always a consistent texture and the milk tea is so delicious! Their drinks are pretty sweet though, so if you don't like a lot of sweetness order 70% or 50% sweetness.
Alien InWorld
Be ready to wait a few minutes, BUT IS COMPLETELY WORTH IT! A Very clear menu on a screen showcases TONS of different flavors 🖥 👀->😃 🤩😛🤗 Also, all of the employees I've seen are extremely nice, polite, and efficient. They have no qualms with substituting many ingredients. For people with Allergies or Diet restrictions, this is fantastic! 👏 👏 👏 💘 😻 🥛👍 Lastly, this is the FIRST TIME I'VE FOUND A BOBA PLACE IN THE U.S. THAT SERVES WARM BOBA TEA FOR THE WINTER!!! I am in love..and also very attached to Boba tea 😆. If you're a fan too, GO HERE.
Lisa Glathar
One of the best Boba places in Utah!! I’ve been happy with my orders every time. Boba is delicious as well as the drinks. My favorite is Hokkaido milk tea and their Thai tea. Fruit teas are also amazing. Service is super great as well.
Great assortment of drinks. Teas and sweet drinks alike. If you don't like how chewy boba is, try grass jelly (weird name, but cool addition). Boba takes time to prep so it isn't always ready immediately upon open. Also, they control the sweetness of the drink so you can chunk it down (75%, or 50% for example)
Lauren Schagel
I love this place!! Great service, always tastes great, and reasonably priced for boba! I get the coconut slush and it's so good!
Stockton Black
A friend of mine messed up her order and they were willing to replace it for free! They were all very nice and understanding. Incredible workers. I was very pleased with how nice they were. The Boba itself was super good. Overall great experience. Thank you!!